Obsidian Energy Appointing a New Member to its Board

Obsidian Energy Ltd has been making a number of changes to its operations since the second half of last year. Almost a full month into 2018, the company continues to tweak and polish it structure, start new projects, and enhance its business.


The company has been in operations for decades, working in the Canadian oil and natural gas industry. Obsidian changed its name from Penn’s West Exploration last year around June due to a rebranding The corporation sources its oil and natural gas from several places in Western Canada, the most prolific one being the Sedimentary Basin.



Obsidian Energy has made a few changes to its leadership team. Most recently, the company added a new member to its Board of Directors. The position was assumed by Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan who is also a shareholder of the company. Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan stated that his being a long-term shareholder of Obsidian Energy has made him feel a dedication to the corporation. He added that he is eager to contribute to the business through advising the Board in terms of Management.



Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan has been working in the finance sector for more than 15 years and has amassed a treasure trove of experience in providing advisory services. Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan has accumulated his previous experience mainly at the Kernaghan Securities which he started in collaboration with his father in 2001. At the Kenaghan Securities, Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan was appointed at the position of Executive Vice President.



Later, Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan was also appointed to the position of Partner at the firm Kernaghan & Partners. The company is a subsidiary of the central corporation. A few years later, Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan became President of the Kernwood Limited which currently owns up to 33 million in shares. Additionally, Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan has been serving on a few boards. Read This Article for additional information.



Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan achieved his degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Toronto. Previously, he graduated from the Queens University with a bachelor’s degree in Science. Originally planning to establish a career in the scientific field, Mr. Edward H. Kernaghan felt drawn to the family business.


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