Greg Aziz is A Businessman And Strong Member Of His Community


Greg Aziz is a recognizable name in Canadian business due to one reason: he saved National Steel Car. He is currently working with the company as its Chairman, President, and Chief Executive. Born in Ontario, Canada, Gregory James Aziz attended Ridley College. He also majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario.

Affiliated Foods – Before National Steel Car

The family business – Affiliated Foods – prospered while Greg Aziz worked with them. Beginning in 1971, Greg Aziz lead the company into becoming a leading importer, bringing foods from Europe, and South America to Canada and the United States. Greg Aziz is no longer with Affiliated Foods, but they are better off having had Aziz work for them.

Investment Banking

Gregory J. Aziz left the family business, traveling to New York and becoming and investment banker. Aziz worked for a variety of companies from the 1980s into the early 1990s. He made enough money to purchase National Steel Car, a company in his home Province of Ontario. See This Article to learn more.


National Steel Car and Beyond

Greg Aziz saw something special in National Steel Car, and he was right. Upon purchasing the company, he took the drive and motivation of the employees and refocused their objectives. Some models of railway cars were discontinued, as the company focused on only producing certain types of cars. Another factor in the resurgence of National Steel Car was Greg Aziz’s financial backing. Aziz simply had the capital needed to keep the company operational. By 1999, production had gone from 3,500 to 12,000. The number of employees went up as well; National Steel Car went from employing 600 people to employing 3,000.

National Steel Car, and its employees, led by Gregory James Aziz is a vital part of the Hamilton, Ontario community. The company itself hosts an annual food drive around the holiday seasons, the employees kicking in however necessary. Greg Aziz himself likes to sponsor local theatrical productions at the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is also made possible every year with the help of Greg Aziz. He and his wife sponsor the event. Each year horses, food, and other forms of agriculture are put on display at the Royal Fair. The fair takes place every November in Toronto, Ontario.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Says Business Is Vehicle To Make World A Better Place

Florida native Bob Reina says that for years he awakened each morning with two words at the forefront of his mind: I will. Reina credits these two words with fueling a passion to use one hand to build a global business and the other to focus on philanthropic endeavors.


Bob Reina asserts that the simple sentence “I will” is by far the most powerful phrase in the English language. He explains that once an individual embraces these words he empowers himself to go steadily forward with no need to look back.


Reing’s life philosophy is to move constantly forward. He learned while building his team with Talk Fusion that all individuals have strengths and weaknesses. Team success comes from the ability of a group of individuals to blend their strengths while helping each other with areas of weakness.


Bob Reina considers his success at business as a mechanism to do good in the world. He explains that he entered the business world with the intent to provide support for other businesses to improve their methods of communication. Reina’s philosophy in business naturally lends itself to the application of charitable endeavors.


Reina differs from many CEOs of major companies as profit is not the only factor in his opinion that signifies personal or company success. He says that business is not just a race to the finish line but more so is a vehicle to further the progress of others and uplift entire communities.


The point is not lost on Bob Reina that in business there is indeed a need to make a profit but he feels that true success should have a much broader definition.


About Bob Reina



Bob Reina is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He is also a man that is devoted to family and community. Reina displays this commitment by often sharing of his success and generosity with others.


Reina firmly believes that there is power in giving back and feels that an individual accomplishes their greatest good by having a positive effect on as many lives as possible. Learn more:


National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz-The Two Inseparable Forces

Managing a large company sounds easy, but it is not. Gregory James Aziz, the current owner, chairman, president, and CEO of National Steel Car has seen it all but still emerged the victor. How does Greg Aziz do it?


James Aziz has always been passionate about the client long before he joined National Steel Car. Therefore, everything Greg James Aziz has done in his long career has been to ensure that the needs of the consumer get met regardless of the circumstance.



The world celebrates James as a man who has helped transform National Steel Car into what it is today. Aziz, who is now sixty-nine years old, has always been an industrious lad. Gregory J Aziz, before purchasing National Steel Car, used to work for Affiliated Foods, his family’s company.


Greg arrived at Affiliated Foods shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario. The ambitious James, unlike his peers, wanted to leave his mark, something he has done a couple of decades down the line.



Gregory traces his rich heritage to London, a place that helped nurture him into a responsible young man. Fortunately, it is the skills learned as a young boy that has helped Aziz run the affairs of National Steel Car successfully.


During his tenure, Greg James Aziz has transformed the locomotive industry by encouraging his corporation to boost its production efforts. Luckily, the National Steel Car fraternity has heeded to Aziz’s call, a move that has further solidified the brand’s authority in local and international markets.



Increased production has led to a rise in employment opportunities, openings that have benefited adjacent communities greatly. Indeed, Greg Aziz has been a blessing to National Steel Car and all its employees.



Aziz, being a people’s person, has provided more value for his clients by investing in his workforce. His good deeds have in turn paid off as the profit margins at National Steel Car are not similar to the ones realized before 1994. Greg, through his team, has also been able to give back to the community through philanthropy. See This Page for additional information.



Running the more than a hundred-year-old company has not been easy, but James has survived the test of time and created a unit that will be hard to destroy. Therefore, there is no doubt whatsoever that Gregory James Aziz, who is one hell of a manager, will take National Steel Car a notch higher now that technology and innovation are here to stay.




How Gregory James Aziz Grew National Steel Car

National Steel Car is one of the largest producers and suppliers of steel freight rail way cars in the world. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario and employs over 2,000 people. The company is spearheaded by Gregory James Aziz, who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and the company President. The company has been in existence since the early 1900s and was founded by local business men who wanted Hamilton to get a share of the booming railroad pie.


Gregory Aziz is also passionate about the investment in human capital. When he first took a leadership position at National Steel Car, he immediately went about working with the management team to begin several rounds of hiring. In the first five years of his time there those rounds of hiring grew the company’s manufacturing and labor force from just around 800 employees to more than 2,500 people. This influx of new jobs made a major improvement in the overall economy of Hamilton, Ontario. The jobs offered had great pay and excellent benefits and brought about an influx of new businesses, which created a snowball effect of additional new jobs. The jobs brought about by National Steel Car literally bought about an uptick in the entire economy of Hamilton, Ontario.


Another massive improvement that came about through Gregory James Aziz’s leadership role was the massive upswing in the sheer volume of steel freight rail way cars being produced by National Steel Carl. At the time Mr. Aziz started at National Steel Car, the company’s annual production of steel rail cars was around 3,500. Five years later the company was producing over 12,000 steel freight cars each year. In fact, that number has consistently grown year over year. Go To This Page for related information.


National Steel Car and Gregory J. Aziz also heavily focus on giving back to those in need in the community of Hamilton, Ontario. The company’s annual food drive brings in the largest batch of canned foods and boxed goods that the local food bank receives each year. This is a massive improvement for those in need in the local community. In addition to the mass annual food drive, the company is an annual sponsor of many local institutions that play a major role in the town’s culture. For example, National Steel Car and Greg Aziz are annual sponsors of the town’s Hamilton Theatre, the local chapter of the Salvation Army and the local chapter of the Salvation Army.

Obsidian Energy Revamps Its Operations

Obsidian Energy is an emerging Canadian Oil and gas company with a rich portfolio of assets and a daily oil production of 30 000 barrels every day. According to Obsidian Energy management, the company is leveraging its high-quality assets to maintain and inspire the zeal for entrepreneurship. One of the cornerstones of Obsidian Energy is discipline. It also recognizes the need for accountability so as to maintain the trust of the shareholders and that of the public. Obsidian energy has embraced a partnership approach in the communities where it drills its wells. The approach is meant to ensure that the company operations proceed uninterrupted. Experience has shown that involving the local communities and engaging in awareness programs helps to diffuse any tensions that might arise as a result of setting up major projects in community settings.



About Obsidian Energy



Obsidian Energy was previously known as PenWest Petroleum Ltd. The need to give the company a new name arose out of the continuous changes that are geared towards making the company one of the best in the industry. In the recent years, Obsidian has undergone important restructuring programs that have placed it in a strategic position in the industry. Indeed, Obsidian is now a highly respected entity in Canada and the region in general. The new changes necessitated a new brand name to reflect the image of how Obsidian looks and operates in the new order. The management is confident that the reorganization is the much-needed catalyst for further growth. Visit This Page for more information.



The Management Team at Obsidian



Obsidian Energy has a well-structured leadership that differs from the earlier entity that was PenWest Petroleum. The company is now headed by Mr. David French who is the CEO and president of the company. He came to Obsidian in 2016. He brought a wealth of experience from other corporate entities he had led including Bankers Petroleum where he had been the CEO before he moved to Obsidian Energy. Mr. David Hendry is the Chief Financial Officer. He is an experienced accountant. He has been in practice for over 25 years. He came to Obsidian Energy in 2015. He was at Talisman Energy, prior to his coming to his joining Obsidian Energy; he was the Vice President of Finance at Talisman Energy.


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Gregory Aziz: Thanking Everyone Involved

Whenever people talk about giving up, others assume that they’ve failed at something. Sometimes, determination applies to those who’ve dominated at what they do. No matter how much they win, they never tire of winning more; they want to win more. That’s the kind of person it takes to lead.


Companies rise and fall all the time; it’s the main reason so many people are afraid to chase their entrepreneurial dreams. A part of leading a company that people don’t talk about is leading a company that’s been around for more than 100 years and has a well-established following already.


Those companies don’t just require smart leadership; their new leaders need to be able to satisfy current customers and draw in new ones. That’s where things can get tricky. How does one keep things the same and change with the times? This is a question that Gregory James Aziz had no trouble answering.


Greg Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc.; one of the leading railcar manufacturers in North America. When he joined the company, he noticed the committed the workforce and decided to use them to their full ability. Most CEOs don’t trust every employee, but Aziz isn’t most CEOs.


1James Aziz is able to trust his employees because he’s worked with them for so long. He’s also a humble man who cares more about the success of the company than adding awards and accommodations to his resume. That mentality allows him to encourage and challenge his employees to develop better.


Another part of his brilliant leadership is acknowledging the efforts of their customers and suppliers. It’s just a fact that customers don’t have to buy from any company. They have many choices to choose from, and yet, they choose National Steel Car. See This Page for related information.


Where would any company be without its suppliers? Often times, people don’t thank their suppliers because they feel like doing business with them is thanks enough. Aziz always thanks the company’s suppliers for their quality efforts and loyalty. Their supplies allow National Steel Car engineers to innovate and captivate.


Aziz also thanks the community that built National Steel Car, Hamilton, Ontario. Over 2000 of National Steel Car’s employees come from Hamilton. He makes sure that Hamilton knows that National Steel Car appreciates them.


For more than a decade NSC has been recognized by the TTX SECO for supplier excellence. Furthermore, NSC is the only railcar manufacturer in North America to obtain a 9001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization.

National Steel Car Stays Ahead Of The Park With Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the President and CEO of National Steel Car. The company has served the North American railroad transport segment for over 100 years. It was first owned by Dofasco with its headquarters in Ontario. Gregory James Aziz seems to have been what the company needed to make giant leaps to the shining outfit it is today. The company is respected in the North American region for the manufacture of high-quality railroad cars.



Moving the Mountains with Quality Products and Service


High Quality and safety are at the heart of the operations of National Steel Car, says Greg J Aziz. The company’s president says that delivering high quality to their customers keeps them ahead of the park. Indeed, NSC has won many awards. For instance, it has bagged the TTX SECO award 13 for over ten years running. Mr. Greg Aziz also steered the company to ISO certification. The engineering department is noted for its workmanship.


In a recent event, Mr. James Aziz expressed satisfaction at the fact that both Canada and the US had agreed on the standards for the manufacture of rail freight tanks. He was responding after the Minister for Transport of the US Ms. Lisa Raitt and her Secretary in the Ministry Mr. Antony Foxx announced the Harmonization Regulations that set safety standards in the industry. He noted that NSC was particularly happy because its customers were anxious about the quality of rail cars that was acceptable.


1He observed that the Harmonization Regulations were in line with their safety policies. In fact, Greg Aziz says that NSC started manufacturing their rail cars following the specifications set out in the Harmonization Regulations way back in 2015. It confirms their commitment to supplying their customers with freight cars that are of high safety standards.


Go To This Page for additional information.


Greg James Aziz; His Background


Greg Aziz was born in Canada in 1949. Mr. Aziz also studied at Ridley College. He had a burning desire to start something of his own. In fact, he says that he always wanted to start a rail car manufacturing outfit. He worked for his father’s company that specialized in food processing before he moved on. He worked for several other companies before he traveled to New York and joined the banking sector. Gregory James Aziz saved money and ended up Buying NSC; a company that he has remolded to become a leading manufacturer of rail tanks in North America and beyond. Gregory James Aziz also gives back to society. He is a major contributor to the Royal Agricultural Fare, among other Charity organizations.

How Greg Aziz Turned His Vision For National Steel Car Into A Reality

Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, a Hamilton, Ontario based company that is Canada’s largest railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company. The company supplies various rolling stock to Canadian and American railway operators as well as commercial rail operators. National Steel Car was founded as Imperial Steel Car in 1912 though the name was changed later that same year.


It quickly became one of the industry leaders in rolling stock, maintaining a top 3 position in Canada during its entire existence. Greg Aziz acquired control of the company in 1994 when it was acquired through his property National Industries Inc. The company has seen a large expansion of its operations and production capabilities under Greg James Aziz. Its workforce has been increased from 500 to 3000 employees and its production capacity has increased from 3,500 to 12,500 rail cars per year.


Gregory J. Aziz was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949. He attended school at Ridley College before studying Economics at the University of Western Ontario. He initially joined his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. He later went on to work in the investment banking sector in New York in the late 80s and early 90s. When he purchased National Steel Car in 1994, he had a vision of rejuvenating the company and making it into the leading operation in North America.


To accomplish his goals with National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz emphasized the company’s strong engineering capabilities as well as emphasizing team building. With this emphasis, along with significant human and capital investment, National Steel Car was able to expand its manufacturing capability from 3,500 cars per year in 1994 to 12,000 cars per years by 1999. The human investment consisted of increasing the company’s workforce to 3000 employees. Due to Greg Aziz’s vision for the growth of National Steel Car, and his emphasis on engineering and manufacturing excellence, the company now leads the industry in new railcar innovation.


Greg Aziz also has a reputation for showing great appreciation and respect for his employees and this has helped motivate his teams of technologists and engineers to create some of the most innovative designs in the railway car industry. As Greg Aziz has himself stated “The cornerstone of this great company is our people. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved together. National Steel Car today is more dynamic, diverse, innovative and values-driven than ever before.” This statement is the perfect summary of Greg Aziz’s attitude towards business.  Go To This Page for more information.


Gregory J. Aziz’s Influence In The National Steel Car Company

In 1912, a group of entrepreneurs conceived an idea that later on turned out to be one of the greatest innovations in the history of car production. The National Steel Car Company was the result of those innovations and conceptions. This company has an outstanding record of being on the leading front when it comes to making and producing rail cars all around the world.

In 1994, when production had gone down, and operations were almost hitting a hitch, one very enthusiastic entrepreneur decided to lift it from the grass by privatizing it. Gregory J. Aziz is the man who sought to rebuild and re-in store the hope that was once in this company. He is a London born businessman who studied at the University of Ontario. Aziz spent the better part of his career managing a family business which had seen a lot of progress with him in control. His move to privatize the National Steel Car Company was prompted by his desire to bring change and improvement in every place he thought he could.

After buying this company which was on the verge of collapsing, great improvements were noticed. Just five years after the privatization, production rose from just 3500 cars a year to 12000 cars. This was beyond the expectation of even Mr. Aziz himself. The company has gone ahead to set trends that other companies emulate. Go Here for more information.

While production is increasing, similarly the number of employees has also gone high compared to other firms. When he took over in 1994, the company had employed only 500 workers. By 1999, the number had risen to a massive 3000 workers who were well paid and even offered with insurance covers. Together with his wife, Gregory James Aziz have engaged in charity works in the community by funding some of their projects and also hosting annual celebrations for all the workers who usually bring along their contributions to the charity too.


The national steel car company can also boast of having been the only company In North America certified by the ISO 9001:1800. It has also been recognized as a leading car company, and this has led them to be awarded the annual TTX SECO award which is just one of the many awards they have received since Mr. Aziz privatized it. They have surely set bars high for the rail car production industry.



Growth Plans For Obsidian Energy

The oil industry is booming across the world. As new technology makes oil drilling easier, many oil companies are investing for the future. Developing new technology is expensive, but it is the best way for companies to increase profits over time.

Formerly Penn West Petroleum, Obsidian Energy is a small company in Canada. Obsidian Energy has expanded over the past few years. The leaders of Obsidian Energy are investing heavily in alternative energy options. Many people in Canada want to purchase energy that helps the environment.

Obsidian was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


Global Warming

There is a lot of debate on the subject of global warming. Some people think that global warming is a hoax, and other people believe global warming is the most significant threat that the world faces.

Obsidian Energy wants to reduce carbon emissions over the next few years. The company developed new oil drilling options that minimize the impact on the environment.

The company is also investing in solar energy. Solar energy is a proven way to produce clean energy without hurting the environment. The most significant issue with solar power is that consumers must purchase solar panels. Obsidian Energy is currently working on solar panels that are less expensive. The overall cost of solar energy has decreased in the past few years. See Related Link for additional information.


New Areas to Explore

Obsidian Energy owns undeveloped areas of land in Canada. In these areas, drilling for oil is essential. Canada has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Canada now produces more oil than most nations.

The government of Canada wants to focus on alternative energy options. Not only will alternative energy help people who live in Canada, but these options will also help the environment. Obsidian Energy has a strong balance sheet and the financial ability to invest in new technology. Now is a great time to work in the oil industry.