Success and Determination Led to the Success of Entrepreneur- Nitin Khanna

At times, it is good to approach things differently. You may also formulate your own standards instead of following the usual status quo. Such individuals have a high likelihood to succeed in life. A good example of such an individual is Nitin Khanna. He resides in Portland. Career-wise, he is an investment banker, and he also possesses knowledge about mergers and acquisitions. Despite being an immigrant, Nitin Khanna has always been focused on his goals in life. As an entrepreneur, he was able to form a technology company that has prospered greatly under his leadership.

In 2009, Nitin Khanna was privileged to establish his own company, MergerTech. Since he was conversant with mergers and acquisitions, he would offer advice in this sector through MergerTech. His personalized advice has benefited many corporations. MergerTech was also termed as the leading institution that offers mobile banking in America. This showcased that the company has been a step ahead of competitors such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. More about this institution that leads the pack in banking can be found here.

Nitin Khanna has been able to achieve such a high success rate since he has always believed in his potential and dreams and investment. The first company that he founded was known as Saber Corp. The corporation was offering government solutions. As the co-founder of the company, Nitin Khanna propelled the growth of the company at an exponential rate. The company had been founded in 1998, and by 2007, Saber Corp was worth more than $120 million. The organization had also offered employment to more than 1200 people.

EDS later purchased the company at $460 million. Nitin Khanna became a leader at EDS. Later on, HP acquired EDS. At that time, Mr. Khanna was in charge of the eight mergers and acquisitions that took place at Saber. Such experience has proved to be valuable thus allowing him to offer quality strategic solutions while serving at MergerTech. Nitin Khanna has also expressed an interest in the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis. In 2015, he even founded the Cura Cannabis solutions. His company deals with the production of cannabis oil. The company is set to expand its base of operation to California and Canada. More about this new venture can be read here

Chris Burch Unmatched Contributions to the Business World


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Burch Creative Capital is without a doubt one of the most revolutionary companies in modern times. The company is also one of the fastest growing in term of profitability and physical expansion. The story of this company, however, is incomplete without mentioning its founder, Chris Burch. As one of the most innovative individuals in the business world, Burch is passionate about growth. Currently, apart from expanding his business interests, Chris Burch is active in nurturing the next generation of investors. He is a regular keynote speaker at different platforms targeting young people with business interests. One of his common platforms is the famous Harvard talks.

Where did his passion in business begin? Like most prominent investors, his passion for business and investment started while he was still in college. Unlike many college students, he saw a business opportunity in selling clothes specifically sweaters, hit ( This small startup opened his eyes to push the envelope further. From this startup in college, he learned how to use resources available to him. For example, in his earlier setup, he used this brother presence to get labor and improve on his setup’s visibility on campus. Through the sale of this entity, Chris was able to venture in order business.

In addition to being one of the hardworking people in the investment world, Chris Burch has other interests in different investment niches. In the last four years, Burch has invested heavily in the fast-growing Indonesian hotel industry alongside his longtime business allies, check ( for more. Burch also has interests in the fashion industry together with his then life partner. As one of the most passionate people about the potential of the technology industry, Chris Burch has over the two decades invested profoundly in this niche. Some of the existing companies, which he still, have interests include Jawbone, Voss Water, and Poppin. These companies are either technological companies or luxury/ technological entities.