JD.Com: The Epitome of a Responsible Business

JD.com is one of China’s largest e-commerce and online platforms which is led by giant business tycoon, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiangdong. JD.com, besides being an excellent and a successful business, is also an organization that cares for the people, and aids the community. JD.com is a force the uplifts the community and puts responsible business at their forefronts. JD.com has recently opened the use of their network and their technology in order to help people worldwide. They have opened their lines of production for sorting, packaging and delivering goods that are meant for donations – and this has hastened that process for making these donations reach their end goal.

JD.com has the JD Giving Program that has helped millions of people worldwide with more than 600 charity programs that is funded by more than 2 million donations. JD.com has acknowledged the plastic problem that the world and the environment is facing now – and this is always what you can expect from a socially responsible company like JD.com. JD.com is now part of the solution and they are under the process of being as plastic-free as possible. Recently, they have made the switch for their packaging system and apparatus for their courier service to a more sustainable option. These are one of the efforts that JD.com has been doing to be a more sustainable, green, and environmentally friendly company.

JD.com has always made sure that they kept an active role in the society and are models in helping uplift the community that they belong to. Recently, JD.com has taken the initiative to connect themselves with physical, brick and mortar stores and help them elevate and evolve their businesses. If there is any other company that knows the struggle and hardships of keeping a physical store alive and well, it is JD.com and Richard Liu Qiangdong. JD.com wants to help these physical businesses, especially bookstores, with the technology that they have. JD.com has made their logistics and inventory technology available to these physical stores so that they can increase their productivity and efficiency. JD.com has also offered them to be part of the massive online network that they have so that they can step their business up.