Madison Street Capital – article recap

At the close of the fourth quarter in 2015 approximately 42 deals were closed. That means there were 32 more deals than the analysts projected. What could have caused the sudden leap in numbers? Whatever the cause, it was great for the market and great for numbers. Hedge fund managers were elated to know that their employees and clients were experiencing such wealth. The sudden rally could in fact be attributed to a few factors. Usually, when the market spikes, it is due to a sudden change in public confidence. The confidence rises and the market rises. This can be reflected in the number of deals. Also, the employees can close more deals because the confidence has gone up and there is a perception that wealth is more widely available.


Madison Street Capital, a major hedge fund, took full advantage of the spike in confidence. Their team of dedicated investors got their clients on the phone and called it in. The deals were closed and they saw profits. The strong momentum could be said to have come about because of weak numbers earlier in the year from other institutions. The investors at Madison Street Capital helped position the hedge fund industry to reap record numbers in the year of 2016.


The industry is now at an all time high and prospects have never looked better. While smaller hedge funds are struggling to attract new clients and secure more capital the larger players like Madison Street Capital are having an easier time. By optimizing their operational costs and facing downward fees they are seeking alternative ways to squeeze a profit from the market.


Madison Street Capital was named the victor of the annual M&A Advisor Awards. They received recognition for their transaction of WLR Automotive. It was a move that many considered to be brilliantly executed. Their team of investors is dedicated to receiving a profit for their clients and they will always acknowledge the temperature of the market. There were 650 their companies running for the award and none were able to come close to Madison Street Capital. They represented the best hedge fund in 2017 and will continue their excellence into the future. The celebration was a gala held at the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit. The celebration hosted over 500 of the industry’s top players and showed a level of luxury befitting its fine members. The leadership at Madison Street Capital accepted their award with grace.


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