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Logan Stout is a business owner, philanthropist, besides being an entrepreneur as well as an author, speaker along with a leadership trainer. He has managed to generate revenue worth billions of dollars throughout his career. This is due to his credibility, leadership skills, team building skills and other that have made him succeed in his current ventures. Due to this reason, he is a sought after speaker too.

In 2014, Logan Stout launched IDLife, LLC. This business has grown exponentially. He has eminent partners like Troy Aikman, besides celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom as well as billionaire Darwin Deason. This firm is in the business of health and wellness. There are several well-known authors and fitness trainers who assist him on this journey to educate people about the importance of health and provide high-quality nutritional products. IDLife has been named as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in 2016.

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Logan Stout is dedicated to helping others in building their leadership skills. He has published “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” in 2013. It is meant to empower as well as inspire readers so that they can strive to reach their true potential. His book has been endorsed by well-known entrepreneurs, Barbara Corcoran as well as Daymond John from Shark Tank of ABC.

He has partnered with motivational speaker John C. Maxwell. Together they are providing leadership skills training and personal development training to 196 nations. Maxwell states that the success of Logan Stout depicts his leadership skills and thought processes.

Logan Stout is the founder as well as CEO of Dallas Patriots baseball organization. He is involved in mentoring as well as leading youth here. It is the largest organization in the world that provides selected teams with top-class instructors, coaches, besides training along with mentoring. This is why each graduate from the Dallas Patriots baseball organization is able to play college baseball. Many of them become the MLB draft pick every year.

Logan Stout is constantly being featured on television, radio as well as other live events. He is in several publications that include Philadelphia Life Magazine, besides The Dallas Morning News, as well as The New York Times and so on.

Under Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus Devises New Ways to Structure Messy Data

One of the things that artificial intelligence has proven particularly adept at is being able to parse and translate text. At the most fundamental level, this involves taking completely unstructured data and organizing it into a form that makes it analytically digestible for computers to manipulate it and, ultimately, for humans to make sense of it. This has been a primary challenge since the beginning of artificial intelligence and programs like Google Translate, Dragon dictation software and many other, more obscure and specialist programs have roundly proven that this is one of the things that artificial intelligence is truly at home with.

Now, Eric Lefkofsky, founder of Tempus, is tackling one of the biggest challenges in the field of unstructured data. Medical records, including doctor notes, patient medical histories, symptom reporting and many other aspects of the medical profession are little more than vast agglomerations of unstructured data. It often takes a trained medical professional to make sense of these crucial primary sources of patient information. Eric Lefkofsky is seeking to make that entire process automated.

Through the use of proprietary algorithms, Tempus is already developing software that will soon be able to parse doctors’ notes, even hand written ones, and transform all of the relevant data contained within them into a machine-digestible format, making that patient information not only immediately available to all doctors working on that case but also potentially making real time conduction of complex studies possible. This instantaneous transformation of all medical data in the United States into precise, reliable and usable form could prove to be utterly revolutionary in the field of medical research. It is quite possible that studies that used to take years, thousands of man hours and millions of dollars to conduct will become a simple matter of a few clicks on a mouse. This is the type of innovation that Lefkofsky says has the highest chance of transforming the practice of medicine in the 21st century and learn more about Eric.

He believes that the increased efficiency in information processing that artificial intelligence applications will allow for will alone be enough to radically increase the survival rates of the most deadly diseases on Earth and more information click here.

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